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Benefits of Partnering with HBCU RAIN 

When you become a partner with us you will be joining innovators from the academic, contractor, and venture communities to enhance the way HBCUs support the nation's growth and sustainability through innovation. 


Also, you will get the opportunity to establish relationships with academic institutions, federal contractors, and other entities that support the federal government. 


HBCU Research and Innovation Network partners will participate in sponsored events designed to create new opportunities for faculty and students. 


Lastly, our partners will gain access to a network of more than 100,000 students from diverse backgrounds to support diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

Who is an ideal partner?

Ideal partners are:: 

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities 

  • Minority Serving Institutions

  • Majority Serving Institutions

  • Federal Agencies

  • University Affiliated Research Centers

  • Federally Funded Research and Development Centers

  • Federal Contractors

  • Other Research Entities 

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please fill out the form below and a team member will reach out to you to discuss partnership further. 

Become A Partner

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