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What is HBCU RAIN?

The HBCU Research and Innovation Network (HBCU RAIN) is an informal gathering of HBCUs and HBCU advocates. Membership in the informal organization will be free and free-flowing. That is, individuals self join and self-depart at will. Initially, HBCU RAIN will convene a 45 minute discussion on HBCU opportunities or other information of value every other week. These sessions will offer HBCU accomplishments in various matters as well as HBCU opportunities. HBCU RAIN staff will help HBCUs conduct follow up activities to access opportunities. A vibrant research portfolio supports workforce development initiatives. 

HBCU RAIN is seeking network hosts. Each host will agree to present or secure a speaker once annually. 

Please join the HBCU Research and Innovation Network by filling out the form below. 

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